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Hiring our developers streamlines your recruitment processes and lets you focus on the big picture.

You don’t choose the most talented people – they choose to work with you

There is a huge lack of talented developers in the game industry. Sometimes you might get lucky, but usually it is very hard to find the people that fit your culture and meets your professional expectations. Recruitment processes are challenging, time consuming and expensive, because you want to ensure that you find the perfect match. It’s not wrong, but it’s the truth.

External consultant can boost your team’s productivity with fresh angle to your development. External consultants are great option when you want to temporarily increase your development velocity. Building a long-term partnership with a consulting company helps you to save time, money and manage risk in the long run.

We help your team to reach their goals

Your success is our success. Our expertise is based on the experience we have gained making our own games and seeing how other teams build their products. Because of the unlimited potential of the mobile game market we are focused on developing them. By involving us in your game development you get clean code, understanding of workflows and strong team players.

Our technologies:
  • Unity 3D
  • C#
  • Unreal Engine
  • C++
  • Typescript
  • Pixi.js
Supporting skills:
  • Git, Perforce
  • Jira
  • Unit & integration tests
  • Agile project management

LunarByte's mindset

We believe that game development is much more than just programming. We think game development is deeply understanding the project and its stakeholders. It’s about communicating clearly and openly between designers, artists, programmers and producers. The best game developers can adapt quickly into the dynamic field of game development.

We also have a wide network for other parts of the development, so don’t hesitate to ask from us if you need artists, designers, QA etc.

Our values:

Stellar quality – We are dedicated to write robust and maintainable software

Open communication – We share our knowledge, bring out difficulties and respect others through productive conflict

Constant improvement – We are used to give and receive feedback, which we use to develop ourselves and our clients

This is how it works

We believe in fast and simple processes


First discussion

Goal of the first discussion is for us to understand your needs and for you to understand our capabilities.

Our due diligence

We dig deep to your needs to find the best way to help you.

We tailor our service for you

We come to an agreement about the content of our collaboration.

The work begins

The caffeine begins to convert into code.

Analysing and improving

We analyse the success of our collaboration and improve our procedures accordingly.

Long-term partnership

We want to keep building a long-term partnership with you by understanding your business more in-depth.
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