Stories behind LunarByte

Our story

LunarByte Oy was founded in a summer 2017 by five game development-oriented IT-engineering students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Our main goal was to make great games and make a living out of it. At first, we were doing games for PC, consoles and mobile. Luckily, quite early we figured out that we should focus on mobile, as it was our strength as developers. Back then, we literally had no idea of how difficult it is to make games as a business.

In October 2017 we started making our company’s first (real) game “Trail of Relics” – an adventure puzzle game for mobile devices. The main goal of the project was to make something fun and get it published in Google Play store. And we reached that goal! Yay! The game is fun, and it has been available in Google Play since September 2018, but only in certain countries. During this project we “skyrocketed” our knowledge of game development.

So, lessons learned, we started making our next games with working titles “More Light” and “Transport” with a totally different angle for game development. However, we were unhappy with these projects and killed them both quite soon.

During the entire time that we have been in the game industry, there has been a widely discussed topic about a lack of good developers. After some self-examination, we noticed that our engineer-oriented team could help this awesome industry with one of its biggest problems. Since November 2018, we have focused 100% on serving our wonderful clients. Now we are developing ourselves at a high pace and sharing our knowledge for the industry newcomers. And of course, helping our clients.

We believe that we can successfully help the entire industry by helping other game companies and sharing our knowhow for new developers.

The story behind the name “LunarByte”.

In the summer 2017, we were having a brainstorming session together with the founders in a sauna at one of our founder’s summer cottage and trying to figure out a name for our brand-new game company. We wanted the name to have something to do with technology, so we thought words like “code”, “byte”, “tech” and “data”. We liked the word “byte” because there are 8 bits in one byte and we were aiming for team size of eight. After that, we had a very intense discussion about the name as a whole. We were throwing ideas of various words from natural to unnatural and from ground to space.

Finally, we got to agreement that earth’s moon (Luna in latin) would be symbolically perfect for our skyrocketing memes and it’s not so used either. “Lunar” symbolizes our culture of setting goals high but still realistically reachable level.
After many hours of discussing and some “refreshments”, we got to an agreement of a company name and it became LunarByte. Tech based name with a little piece of nice idea behind it.


…..Okay, just kidding.
The name was literally the first solid random-generated name that had the internet-domain available. And still, we didn’t launch our website until March 2019.

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