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It’s not rocket science.

Match your skills with the needs of the game industry

We offer a trainee program for enthusiastic young game programmers to fast-track them into the game industry. We can personally attest to how difficult the journey is from the school desk all the way into the industry. People don’t often even know what they should know and learn to get in. You can learn it the hard way like we did, or you can apply to our program and save months or even years in your life!

The main goal is to get you in. We design the program with our clients and other studios to give you the best chance. We tailor the program to fit the industry’s needs by asking about their procedures, tools, needs and culture to have the best program we could offer. The minimum payoff is to get at least one more game to show off in your portfolio, and we will actively work towards your future long term employment during the program.

You need solid base before you can start building on it

Our trainee program is aimed for people who are studying their final years of game development in universities or universities of applied sciences. But that doesn’t exclude other applicants. You need to have some solid basic game programming skills to learn the new stuff efficiently, but your motivation and learning potential matters the most. We also check that you meet our company values and that you are capable to take responsibility.

All of our developers (and trainees) are required to have/be:

– Passion for games

– Good written and verbal communication skills in English

– Willingness to work in a team

– Keen to learn and develop personally

About the upcoming trainee program

  • The next batch begins at January 2020
  • The application period starts in November 2019
  • The application period ends in December 2019
  • We are looking for game programmers and backend developers
  • The location will be at our office at Maria 01

In addition to the valuable experience, we will provide at least a daily lunch benefit for the trainees.

For further questions, contact us using the chat OR email 🙂

This is how it works

Steps of the successful trainee program


We plan the program

We plan the program with the help of our clients' insights about game development. Every time we run the program, we check if the most needed skills have changed in the industry.

You send the application

You can apply only via our official application form below. We'd love to answer any questions, so please contact us using the live chat or email us at

We screen the applications

We will go through the applications and contact everyone. The most suitable candidates will proceed to the interview step.

The interview and selection

Great, you got an invitation to the interview! After the interviews, we will select the best candidates to join our trainee program.

The trainee program begins

The intense game development starts with your new team! We will teach you the skills needed to succeed in the industry and you get to meet a lot of other game developers.

Welcome to the game industry!

We will work hard towards your long-term employment after the program. The whole industry will benefit when you/we succeed!

What are you waiting for?

The countdown of your career's skyrocketing starts from here.

Apply here (opens in November)

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